Welcome to Perspectives

We have been blessed with the gift of happiness but all too often we give others the power over our personal happiness or we sabotage it ourselves.

But a victorious life is possible!

I have been there, I know how it feels to wake up everyday with the feeling of trying to dig out of a bottomless pit, only to have more dirt thrown on top. It felt like I had been burried alive and could not dig myself out. Every minute was a struggle until I gained a new perspective and began to see my worth. Everyone has personal struggles, often living more in our own head than from the heart. If you find that the roadblocks you face are those you built or allowed others to build around you, I can help you remove them.

There is a treasure to be found in everything even in pain, the question is how deep are you willing to dig for it? And, are you willing to use a spoon if necessary?

Clifford L. Petersen MHWLC

Often the path to healing is gaining a new perspective.