What is the one constant in every relationship you have ever had or in everything you do?


Therefore, if change is what you desire, you must accept that change begins within.


Better Man

I met Clifford a couple years ago through the Christian truckers Network. Clifford happened to be a Road Chaplin for Channel 21 Ministries when I was introduced to him. After getting to know him and talking with him on a Christian level, he was able to analyze how I learn and was able to break biblical terms down to a more hands-on day-to-day life experience for learning. This increased my thirst and knowledge of Scripture and of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It became very impactful for my growth and walk as a Christian man.

As we talked more in-depth about the Lord and life experiences. We were able to connect on a more personal level with confidentiality and trustworthiness that was completely remarkable. Our conversations turned towards my personal struggles with pornography, weight loss, mild depression, family, and marriage. On all of these Clifford taught me different ways and different perspectives on life in general. From the depression side, he taught me what to be thankful for and how to control my addiction to pornography. He taught me tips on how to look at the damage it was causing and how much joy it was stealing from my life and to make adequate changes in my behavior. On the family and marriage side, he was a listening ear and offered different advice, and helped council me in becoming a better man for my wife, kids, and myself.

On the weight loss side, he was a cheerleader, always offering advice (along with my wife) or different recommendations of foods/exercise. I did the work, but my family and Clifford were my biggest supporters of yet another lifestyle change as you can see in the before and after picture. I would recommend Clifford to anybody that is struggling in any aspect of life. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or belittled. He always seemed to understand and to know where I was coming from. The confidentiality of a listening ear and to be able to talk your ideas and opinions out loud without being judged is an amazing experience, knowing that what was said was just between him and me. Anytime day or night if I needed somebody to talk to, he was there. I'm very blessed to know this man. He truly does get you, understand you and he can empathize with you. I hope you make the choice to see what he can help you with. If there is something, he feels he cannot help you with he will definitely steer you in the right direction for resources and the people you need to contact! Brian R.

Before Scandalous now Evangelist

Throughout my conversations and coaching sessions with Clifford, I've learned honest truthful application of God’s Word and my true identity which has restored my soul and changed my mindset. Before I began working with Clifford I struggled with kleptomania, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues, intensified by being overweight. Clifford helped me identify my triggers and core beliefs that kept me in a self-destructive cycle and shared with me how to eat healthier. I now have positive and absolute expectations of the good things coming my way. I've lost 121 pounds, bought my first home, got engaged, and now I am truly loving and living life to the MAX!


Help when I needed it.

Clifford is one of the most understanding and helpful people I know. When I came home from the Army my PTSD was very bad. But this man helped me through it. Plus his advice about eating healthy and living keto has helped me go from 285 lbs. to 174 lbs. and I feel great. Thank you so much.